7 Simple Ways To Trick Your Body Into Releasing More “Cuddle Hormone”


Today I want to share with you something I know is extremely important to living a happier, less stressed, and more connected life…

And some scientists would even argue that this goes beyond just happiness – and is vital for the survival of the human species…

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the “cuddle hormone” – Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is released both in your brain and in your bloodstream. It’s a hormone that makes you feel happier and more relaxed.

The reason it’s called the “cuddle hormone” is that it gets released in both men and women when they hug or cuddle.

It also gets released during sex, during childbirth or when a mother breastfeeds her newborn baby (it’s very important in the bond a mother has with her child).

It plays a vital role in building relationships between people, helping people feel more connected and loved.

What’s more, is that more Oxytocin in the body has been associated with higher levels of relaxation and more psychological stability.

And it’s also been shown to combat inflammation throughout your body!

NOTE: Inflammation has been associated with over 90% of modern diseases. Diseases like: Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

But here’s the thing: Oxytocin has a short half-life (3 minutes). Which means that it comes in short spikes, then fades away…

And being stressed-out can reduce your body’s ability to produce this “love potion”..

(oddly enough having more makes you feel less stressed)

So how do you get your body to have more Oxytocin Spikes?

And Is there a way to release it more throughout your day (especially for those of us who aren’t breastfeeding mothers)?

Yes! There a several ways…

In fact, here are 7 ways to trick your body into releasing more of this hormone:

– Eating Eggs: eating eggs has been shown to cause your body to release more oxytocin.

– Go Bananas!: Like eggs, bananas have been shown to release more oxytocin when consumed.

– Give/Receive More Hugs: One researcher said you should get as many as 8 hugs a day and you’ll have plenty of oxytocin. Also, this might be the reason that many Latin Cultures, where hugging is almost mandatory when greeting people, tend to be happier.

– Breathe Deeply: Try this exercise: Look down at your belly…IN….. breath in, trying to breath through your belly, your belly should inflate out.. Then out…. Relax as you breathe out, trying to make sure you exhale all the air your stomach

IN….. repeat. Then Out… repeat.. Do this for a few minutes and notice how you feel calmer.

– Call someone: Pick up the phone and call a relative or a friend that you haven’t spoken to in awhile

– Laugh: It’s obvious that it feels good to laugh. So do more of it. Watch stand-up shows or funny youtube videos if you have to!

– Pray: I don’t want to get religious here, however, it’s been shown that when people pray to a higher power (whatever that might be for you: God, the universe, nature, etc…) oxytocin is released in the body.

So there you go. You have 7 ways you can use to increase your oxytocin and start feeling happier, more connected and less stressed…

Pick whichever you like. Even mix it up a little to see if one works better for you.

Either way, these are so simple you can start doing them TODAY. And that’s what I want for you to do.

Pick at least one and do it.

Then comment below letting me know how it made you feel.

Even though I may not write back right away, I read 100% of the comments you post.

I feel like reading them spikes my own Oxytocin levels! So thank you for that!