Pushing the Negative Feelings Out of Your Life


Be of Service

Look – anxiety festers the most in the idle mind.

The best thing to get out of your head is to get out and help someone else.

This is proven to trigger happy hormones in the human brain. Because we’re a social species.

Our survival has been built on helping others. That is what society is about.

And when you help people, especially tied to a cause that you believe in, it triggers a serotonin dump.

Not only is this backed in science this is very practical to the anxious mind.

If you’re busy helping someone else, you can’t be preoccupied with your own problems.

My favorite place to do service is in juvenile jails. Many youth correction places around the country have several volunteer groups that go into work with the kids. They can be tied to religion, addiction recovery, or extracurricular education. You can contact a youth detention center in your area to find out what programs they have.

This may be a little hardcore… The other things you can try are Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation.

Homeless Shelters.

Or you can look to tutor inner city kids. Plant trees on the weekend. Help cleanup a park. The possibilities are endless.

You can find a wealth of opportunities to help out in your commmunity here: https://www.volunteermatch.org/

Maybe you’ll just find your calling in life.

Combating automatic negative thoughts – ANTs

It’s so very common for negative thoughts to attack people. In fact, they are so common and insidious psychologist call them ANTs — Automatic Negative Thoughts.

These are the things that our minds relentlessly throw at us. Things maybe about our weight, work abilities, health, friendships, etc.

They can be the root cause of worry. And very dangerous.

The secret to combating them is identify them and then immediately attack back.

To identify them, first you need to pay attention to them. Find out what negative and destructive automatic things your mind says to you. Write them down when they creep up. It may take up to a week to get most of the regular ones you are experiencing.

Then when you have them all written down, simply find out their exact opposite in a positive statement. For instance, I had one (as crazy as it sounds): “you have cancer”. And it is completely false.

The opposite of this is, “I don’t have cancer”, but that is phrased negatively because of the “don’t”, so the opposite of became, “I am healthy”.

So you repeat the opposite, positive version whenever the automatic negative thought attacks. Whenever the thought “you have cancer” crosses my mind, I immediately respond with “I am healthy”. And I like to drill it in there repeatedly it becomes cemented in. Over time, you win the battle and the ANTs don’t come to the picnic of your life.

In Summary

With natural supplements and new lifestyle habits, techniques, and strategies like the ones in this article you can change your life for better. The key is to go slowly, learn to listen to yourself, your body and your reactions to life. If you have an anxiety relapse, reflect on it in solitude and take what you can learn from it. And in time, you’ll be handling situations that used to baffle you.