This is a bit personal…


I hope you’re feeling awesome today!

I want to open up a little bit and reveal something personal…

I’ve been trying to be better in just about every area of my life: A better friend, a better daughter, sister, etc..

With that said, I’m also trying to be better in another very important area for me: my written communication.

It’s important to me because it allows me to communicate with so many of you through these emails.

So in an effort to become better at this, I went out and got a coach. Someone who has more experience than me and ability to teach, to help me become better.

However, the process has been anything but easy and comfortable for me.

In fact, sometimes it’s downright brutal because my coach is very, VERY “honest”.

And through feedback, I’ve realized that I may have not been as good as I wanted to believe. And it’s brought to the surface some personal flaws that I have that I wasn’t aware of before.

However, I’ve learned a big lesson through all of the “brutal honesty” that he’s given me…

I’ve learned that I have choice:

I can either let myself be self-conscious and even discouraged by the feedback – and really take it personally…


I can look at it as an opportunity for personal growth. To evolve in ways I never knew were possible.

To take the feedback and use it as a different lens of viewing the world. A new perspective that might be the thing I need to transcend where I’m stuck…

No one ever said that evolving would be a comfortable process. I’m finding out first hand that it’s not!

But is it worth it? Is it worth going through some discomfort to be a better [you fill in the blank]?


For me, becoming a better person in whichever area you feel you can be, is worth doing.

So let me ask you a question….

How are you committing to your own personal growth?

And is there any area you need to support in?

Comment below and let me know.