What your MD won’t tell you about “Emotional Toxins”…


You hear a lot of health gurus out there talk about the importance of detoxing your body. How it’s good for your health and how it will give you more energy, etc., etc. times infinity!

But who ever talks about an even more important topic….

Emotional Detoxing?

Your emotions are arguably the most important factor to your happiness and wellbeing throughout your entire life.

So, is there a way to get rid of “emotional toxins”?

You might be sitting there thinking…

“What are these emotional toxins? I’ve never heard of them! Have you lost it???”

Well, I consider emotional toxins to be just as harmful to your well being as any other toxin lurking around…

And they might be worse because they follow you everywhere you go! Plaguing every thought and experience you have throughout your day: at work, at home…

What are they?

3 Top Emotional Toxins You “Cleanse” Out Of Your Life And How To Do It…

Resentment: Is the feeling of disgust, surprise and sadness all mixed up in one big toxic mess. It gives you the feeling of injustice and it’s the foundation for HATRED.

If you have resentment, often times you’ll feel bitter towards a person or situation.

Often times you’ll replay the events or the details of a situation – and this causes you to relive the negative emotions, further intensifying your resentment.

Resentment is toxic to intimate relationships. And if you don’t deal with it, it could ruin he your most important ones.

In other words, if you don’t deal with it….. You’re the one that suffers the most!

So how do you start to move beyond resentment?

Well I only know of one way… It’s forgiveness (even if the other person doesn’t deserve it).

You’ve got to forgive them no matter how bad the situation was.

One simple exercise is to simply write down on a piece of paper (or in your journal if you have one – I highly recommend you start journalling if you haven’t) who or what it is that you forgive and what it is that you forgive them for.

Write it down every day until you start to feel the resentment fade away. This has worked for me in the past, and I’m confident it can work for you too!

Anger: It involves a strong emotional response of rage when you feel that your boundaries are being violated. Like when you perceive a threat.

Now, I don’t think anger alone is a bad thing, however when your response to situations is destructive (especially if it’s violent), then it’s a very bad thing.

And it doesn’t have to be violent. Anger can show itself through passive-aggressive behavior.

Anger can feed into a vicious cycle of self-loathing and disconnection from the people in your life. It sits inside of you and slowly burns a hole through your life.

How do you deal with it?

There’s no one solution for this one. However, I’ve noticed that exercise can be immensely helpful, especially when your anger is triggered by stress.

Again – forgiveness might be a necessary step when your anger is a symptom of something deeper.

Frustration: You can think of it like the close cousin of anger and resentment. It’s when you feel overwhelmed because you feel opposed by someone or something that’s holding you back from achieving your personal will.

One of the biggest downsides with frustration is the amount of energy you lose to it. That’s energy you could be putting into living a more healthy and fulfilling life…

Again, there’s a downward spiral that comes with frustration – leading to worry and obsessive thoughts about “how you’re stuck”…

So what do you do when you’re frustrated?

I’ll say it again. There isn’t any one single “silver bullet” to solve any of this. There are things that have worked for myself and people I know. Which is what I’ll share with you.

With that said, what’s worked for me is surrendering to a higher power and realizing that I’m not the one in control.

It could be nature, or God or the universe. Whatever you want to call it, realizing that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself really puts things in perspective and takes the edge off of feeling frustrated.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: the benefits of dealing with all of the above goes beyond your emotions. In fact, it will make you physically healthier as well!

Awareness of these “emotional toxins” is the first step in dealing with them. After that, it’s all about finding a way that works for you to help get them out of your life.

I encourage you to take note of what we have gone over in this email. And if you need support, get it. I think these things are easier to deal with when you have the support of others who you trust.

For me it’s been a process. Relief doesn’t happen overnight, however, if you’re simply aware, you’re light years ahead…. On the right path to having more peace and clarity in your life.