Work/Life Balance + Socialization to Improve Every Area of Your Life


Work/life balance

This may seem obvious, but do you really have it? Do you really give yourself a weekend? Do you take enough breaks? Is this even possible given your job, company, etc?

The basics of this life hack are to keep your stress and anxiety levels low enough so you don’t wait till you are ripping out your hair to try to cut back.

The areas to look at are:

  • Amount of hours worked per day and per week
  • Breaks per day
  • Working until you are so hungry you can’t think straight
  • Working so much you don’t get a weekend, or can’t do the things you want to do like exercising, reading, relaxing, spending time with the family, etc.
  • Taking work home with you
  • Having the right support at work
  • How are projects given to you, etc.
  • Do you find yourself eating fast food or binge eating because you are working too much
  • And how your out-of-work life complements your work life?

When I was in school and working full time, I would lose my mind. I found that filling my weekend up with social activities, especially with certain people, would only add to the stress.

I remember canceling plans on a friend and him asking me what I was going to do instead… And he flipped when I said ‘nothing’. I was just going to stay at home, clean up the house, and re-charge. And it felt amazing!

Identifying your areas of concern and finding solutions for them will keep your anxiety in check, similar to keeping your gas tank at least half full, so you don’t run out of gas.

Talking and socializing

I am not knocking therapy, but in my experience it means paying a lot of money for a good listener. If you go to therapy, and it works, AWESOME! Keep it up.

But what I found much cheaper and equally beneficial, if not more so, is intentionally building a strong support group of friends who know me and are willing to listen when I’m freaking out.

OR They are willing to hang out regularly and to laugh. Both are important.

The key is striking a balance. Some friends will be better than others for certain tasks, or they may not be as available, for instance if they have families.

Also, I have found I can’t be the person who constantly complains. And having friends who call me out on it is priceless. Having friends who let me feed into it, or don’t hold me accountable for my part in things, is dangerous… Look for brutally honest friends who care about you. Not devil’s advocates, but people who can tell you what you need to hear and who you will listen to.

For instance, I find it hard to take financial advice from my friend who is upside down financially.

Patrick, Zen Life’s Co-Founder, and one of my best friends, found himself without these types of friends when he moved overseas. And while he talked on Skype to his Denver friends, it wasn’t the same. And he wanted to hang out, socialize and laugh with people.

So he went to, found a few groups that interested him, went to them, and made friends. In fact, he made really great friends who he continues to keep in touch with, even though he moved back to the United States.

My point is, if you want new and different people in your life, you aren’t the only person. And the person who is supposed to come into your life right now feels the same way. They want new people in their life too. So you need not worry about meeting them or imposing. All you need to do is put yourself out there.

I am a big fan of specific groups, like small business owner groups, single mothers, recovery, stay-at-home moms, or industry specific groups. This way you meet people at similar stages of life and with similar lifestyle/issues.

Also, more on the social side of things, finding groups or individual people with similar interests is a great idea. I go to meditation groups and hiking groups. It is amazing how similar I am to some of these people.